IVchat topics – March 28, 2012 8PM ET

Here are articles for tonight’s IVchat….

Beyond the Bedside: The Changing Role of Today’s Nurses – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/charles-tiffin-phd/nursing-school_b_1384285.html?ref=tw

Needlestick Safety Remains a Concern for Healthcare Professionals – http://www.infectioncontroltoday.com/news/2012/02/needlestick-safety-remains-a-concern-for-healthcare-professionals.aspx

Safe in Common – Campaign to Engage 100,000 Healthcare Personnel Behind Needlestick Injury Prevention – http://www.infectioncontroltoday.com/news/2012/03/campaignto-engage-100000-healthcare-personnel-behind-needlestick-injury-prevention.aspx

New Product – Traybl…http://traybl.com/medical/  Here’s a brochure for TRAYBL – New Traybl Insert

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