Topics for IVchat Today 9/12 1PM ET (afternoon session)

That’s right, today’s IVchat will be at 1pm ET instead of it’s usual time slot of 8pm ET. Many of our readers have said that evenings are hectic for them to join a chat so this week, we are holding today’s chat in the afternoon.

Here are a few topics for discussion. As always, feel free to add topics of interest to you.

  • How would you feel if a patient reminded you to “wash your hands”? article 
  • One piece CHG IV dressing vs CHG patch/IVdressing – article
  • IV policies and procedures – do you know what yours are? – blogpost 
  • Nurses Struggle to implement eveidence based practice – article
  • “Social Media and Medical Professionalism: Perfect Match or Perfect Storm?” – article 

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