Topics for IVchat tonight 8pm ET

Here are some suggested topics for tonight’s IVchat.  Please feel free to add topics of interest to you.

  • Back in the news – IV Hydration latest trend in wellness – good or bad? Read articles #1; #2 #3
  • Nurses don “orange vests” for a “sterile” cockpit – your thoughts? Read article: #1
  • Canine screening for C. Diff , ovarian and Lung cancer – what dogs can do. Read articles: #1  #2  #3
  • Should nurses disclose past criminal history if not revealed on background checks? Read related article: #1

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2 thoughts on “Topics for IVchat tonight 8pm ET

  1. You seem to have very timely and interestin g topics. Would there be any value in having fewer topics per chat so discussion could be more extensive?

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    • We always post 4 topics for IVchat in no particular order and we are not tied to the posted topics. As the moderator of IVchat, I usually go down the topic list but if I know that there’s someone who is interested in a particular topic, then I move that up on the list or begin with that topic. Many times, someone will randomly post a topic of their choice and we end up discussing the topic the entire hour. Depending on how active/extensive the discussion is, I will allow a topic to go on and take up the full hour. If not, then I move on to the next topic on the list to keep it flowing. I limit IVchat to one hour out of respect for other healthcare chats that follow our time slot and allow those who were on our chat to participate in the other chats. Several times, we have gone over by 10-15 minutes and many participants continue on with the discussions way after IVchat has officially ended.

      Thank you for your comment, if there is a particular topic you want to have an extensive discussion about, let me know and I would be glad to include it but will not guarantee extensive or exclusive hour of discussion.

      Best regards,
      Cora Vizcarra (@infusionnurse)- moderator for IVchat

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