In Case You Missed it…. “Chat-Worthy” News Recap

Recap – Week ending 7/05/2013:

Did it make sense to give her a second set of lungs in a pretty close-to-experimental procedure?   Read article here


Do heart patients get too many cholesterol tests?  Read article here

blood_40240 test

CREDIT: Giordano Aita | Dreamstime

Did cancer treatment stop the HIV virus in two men?  Read article here 


HIV cells in the bloodstream. Image: Shutterstock

How many women die everyday of prescription drug overdose? Read article here

drug overdose

“Why moms share results of their genetic breast cancer test with their kids…”  Read article here


Are Bio-engineered organs the wave of the future? Read article here

liver stemcell

(Photo: Takanori Takebe)

Is Aspirin really good for the heart? Read article here

cardiovascular-image-700 (1)

Should Docs be required to offer the hepatitis C test to baby boomer patients? Read article here


EHRs and patient safety – What the  ONC unveils in their  plan Read article here