IV Chat this week – October 9 8PMET

Join this week’s IVchat on Wed. October 9 at 8pm ET.  If you haven’t been to an IVchat lately, here’s a recap of the changes.

  • Format – #IVchat was on Twitter only which, as we have been told, excluded those on Facebook and other social media to participate in our regular IVchats. In addition, we also heard that many of our twitter followers are not too happy with the numerous tweets on their timelines during the chat hour. We listened and we will be trying a stand alone chat room for #IVchat.
  • Topics – many of our followers want to discuss specific infusion nursing / vascular access topics such as PICCs, central venous access, etc.  We will have an open discussion on these topics and will be moderated by @infusionnurse.
  • This week topic will be on clearing up confusion about  IV Certification.
  • What stayed the same: #IVchat is a global on line chat for RN’s and other health care providers involved in the specialty practice of infusion therapy, infusion nursing and vascular access.

Come join us because…

  • You know you want to be in the room where “great ideas” are discussed!!