ICYMI: “Chat-Worthy” News Recap

Recap for Week Ending Mar. 28, 2014: 

ER use of narcotic painkillers up almost 50 percent: Study Read article here

1 in 25 patients gets infection in hospital Read article here

Fewer People Are Getting Infections In Hospitals, But Many Still Die Read article here

Nitroglycerin, A Staple of Emergency Rooms in Short Supply Read article here

Is your hospital failing? Read article here

Whooping cough usually occurs in waves in Texas with peaks every three to five years.

Bariatric surgery lowers uterine cancer risk, study shows Read article here

New childhood TB cases double earlier estimates Read article here

Stress can delay pregnancy and double the risk of infertility, study finds Read article here

Mood-stabilizing drug could reduce risk of head and neck cancer Read article here

Marijuana May Ease Some Symptoms of MS, New Guidelines Find Read article here

Scientists find genetic cause of a rare, aggressive ovarian cancer Read article here

Poor Sleep Linked With Metabolic Disease Read article here

International Team Of Scientists Find ‘Navigation Maps’ For Human Genome Read article here

New Calculator Determines How Young At Heart You truly Are Read article here


Brain Changes Suggest Autism Starts In The Womb Read article here

Autism Rate Soars in CDC Study Read article here

The e latest look at autism in the U.S. shows a startling 30 percent jump among 8-year-olds diagnosed with the disorder in a two-year period, to one in every 68 children.

‘Panic Button’ Just One Of The Features Of Smartphone App For Recovering Alcoholics Read article here


Marriage linked to lower heart risks in study of 3.5 million adults Read article here

One-third of kids may be battling high cholesterol Read article here

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