ICYMI: “Chat-Worthy” News Recap

Recap for Week Ending May 2, 2014: 

Testosterone, The Biggest Men’s Health Craze Since Viagra, May Be Risky Read article here

For Drugs That Save Lives, a Steep Cost Read article here

Solving the Mystery Flu That Killed 50 Million People Read article here

The deadly 1918 flu pandemic

Stem Cell Advance May Bring New Diabetes Treatments Read article here


Y Chromosome Loss Linked to Higher Cancer Risk in Men Read article here

WHO sounds alarm on widespread ‘superbug’ infections Read article here

Experimental Technique Coaxes Muscles Destroyed By War To Regrow Read article here

Is Healthy Obesity a Myth? Read article here

Mother’s diet just before pregnancy may alter baby’s DNA Read article here


Physical Ability In Midlife Could Indicate How Long You’ll Live, Study Says Read article here

Increasing fiber intake after a heart attack may prolong survival Read article here

Is diabetes shrinking my brain? Read article here

Is diabetes shrinking my brain?

‘Provocative’ Research Turns Skin Cells Into Sperm Read article here

CDC: 5 things cause two-thirds of U.S. deaths Read article here

FDA-approved device treats sleep apnea in a new way Read article here

Fertility Study Warns of Risks From Multiple Births Read article here

Higher doses of antidepressants may raise suicide risk in teens, young adults Read article here

Vitamin D deficiency may indicate prostate cancer, study says Read article here

Cancer Cells

Can we make US medicine less dangerous? Read article here

U.S. one of few countries with rise in maternal deaths Read article here

BPA pregnancy

It’s getting safer to be a child in the U.S. Read article here

Violence and crime against children have significantly decreased in recent years, a new study shows.