ICYMI: “Chat-Worthy” News Recap

Recap for Week Ending May 9, 2014: 

Daily Aspirin Not To Be Used To Prevent First Heart Attack, Says FDA Read article here

Sports drinks and energy drinks linked to unhealthy behaviors in adolescents Read article here

Body check: 10 minutes could save your life from skin cancer Read article here

Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes Prevalence Up In American Children, Adolescents Read article here

Transfused blood rejuvenates old mice—could it work in humans? Read article here

Polio Spreading at Alarming Rates, World Health Organization Declares Read article here

The Research Race to Make Drugs More Efficient Read article here

Brain Abnormalities Linked to ‘Internet Addiction’ Read article here

Get ready, healthcare. 1 in 5 Americans will be seniors by 2030 Read article here


The new nursing shortage Read article here


E-Cigarette Vapor Contains Potentially Harmful Particles: Review Read article here


Is This How We’ll Cure Cancer? Read article here

Fungal Meningitis Victims to Get $100 Million Settlement Read article here

Teenage pregnancy, birth, abortion rates all falling, report says Read article here

Teen pregnancy rates

With first confirmed case, what risk does MERS pose to U.S.? Read article here

CDC confirms first case of MERS virus in American photo

Rising CO2 poses significant threat to human nutrition Read article here

A Surprising Silver Lining For People With Eczema Read article here

New Model Predicts Which Patients Will Survive Surgery Read article here

Inactivity Trumps Other Heart Disease Risk Factors in Women Over 30 Read article here

A woman sits on a couch, talking on the phone.

Patient’s Cells Deployed to Attack Agressive Cancer Read article here

Is your hospital C-section prone? Consumer Reports ranks hospitals by C-section rates Read article here

Syphilis Made A Big Comeback In 2013, CDC Warns Read article here 

A poster from the UK warns of the syphilis comeback there as well. (Photo: wiki media)

CDC warns of common parasites plaguing millions in U.S. Read article here