ICYMI: “Chat-Worthy” News Recap

Recap for Week Ending May 16, 2014: 

U.S. Cervical Cancer Rates Higher Than Thought Read article here

U.S. Cervical Cancer Rates Higher Than Thought

Why All of Us Should Be ‘Fed Up’ Read article here

CDC confirms second case of MERS in United States Read article here

Health officials alert airports, customs for MERS Read article here

AP Mideast Virus

MERS No Global Emergency Yet, WHO Says Read article here

Harsh winter does little to ease Lyme disease woes Read article here

UCSF e-cigarette study stamps out public health benefits Read article here

Resveratrol May Not Be The Elixir In Red Wine And Chocolate Read article here

The Genes Responsible for Deadly Prostate Cancer Discovered Read article here

Workplace solvent exposure linked to later-life cognitive decline Read article here

Oldest patients are often left out of drug trials Read article here

Harvard: Overused Medical Services Cost Medicare Billions Read article here

‘Virtual’ house calls offer medical care via smartphone or webcam Read article here

17 Everyday Chemicals Could Be Linked to Breast Cancer Read article here

As Alzheimer’s boom nears, researchers struggle for answers Read article here

Study: About half of Americans take prescription drugs Read article here

Meds Can Help Problem Drinkers, But Many Doctors Don’t Know That Read article here

 With or without a history of concussion, football impacts memory Read article here

ER visits for traumatic brain injury spike 30 percent Read article here

Too much exercise may be harmful to health Read article here

CDC Recommends Anti-HIV Pill for High-Risk Groups Read article here

 Mayo Clinic Trial: Massive measles vaccine attacks blood cancer Read article here

Obese Breast Cancer Patients Have Higher Death Risk, Study Says Read article here

Antidepressant may hold promise for Alzheimer’s Read article here

FDA Warns Against Temporary Tattoos Read article here

Henna design on hand at Indian wedding

FDA Lowers Lunesta Dose Due to Next-Day Drowsiness Read article here

Global life expectancy rises again, but new challenges loom Read article here

Walking Could Be Key Step Against Kidney Disease Read article here

Stem cell therapy shows promise for multiple sclerosis Read article here

As Summer Arrives, CDC Offers Pool Chemical Safety Tips Read article here

As Summer Arrives, CDC Offers Pool Chemical Safety Tips