ICYMI: “Chat-Worthy” News Recap

Recap for Week Ending May 23, 2014: 

Sepsis contributes to as many as half of all hospital deaths in U.S., study says Read article here

Hospital patient hands

Interaction between reduced sleep and childhood obesity further examined Read article here

Dogs’ Cancer-Sniffing Snouts Offering 90%-Plus Accuracy: Health Read article here

Cancer Detection Dog McBaine

Guess where researchers found the bacteria that cause Legionnaires’ disease? Read article here

File photo of school bus. Researchers have discovered that Legionella bacteria can live in some brands of windshield washer fluid and flourish in the motor vehicle reservoirs that contain it. They looked at samples taken from school buses. (Washington Post staff/File)

Silent virus a rare, dangerous risk for the unborn Read article here

Prenatal Danger_AP_May 19 2014.jpg

ew Access To Experimental Drugs For Terminally Ill Patients Read article here

Gum Disease, Heart Disease Linked In New Study Read article here


E.coli, MRSA can linger on airplane surfaces for days, study shows Read article here

Report: Pancreatic cancer second most deadly by 2030 Read article here

Minnesota Bans Antibacterial Triclosan  Read article here

Liquid Soap Safety

What you don’t know about sunscreen could hurt you Read article here

Deadly Heart Disease May Hitch a Ride on Dust Storm Read article here

A woman tilts her head back on a windy day.

Why Olive Oil Is So Good For The Heart Read article here

Olive Oil

HPV Found in Two-Thirds of Americans, Survey Finds Read article here

Most Women Who Get Double Mastectomy Don’t Need It, Study Finds Read article here

Healthy diet may help COPD patients breathe easier Read article here

There’s a New Artificial Sweetener in Town, But Is It Safe? Read article here

Cancer Cell Avatars Brings Science One Step Closer To Custom-Made Treatment Plans Read article here

How Bacteria in Placenta Could Help Shape Human Health Read article here

Exercise after gestational diabetes can cut long-term type 2 diabetes risk for women Read article here


High cholesterol levels may be linked to infertility in both men and women Read article here

Many older Americans hooked on prescription drugs Read article here

When you need antibiotics — and when you don’t Read article here

Xanax-related ER visits double in 6 years Read article here

Xanax-related ER visits double in 6 years

Can cannabis prevent childhood seizures? Experts unsure Read article here

Medical Marijuana.jpg

Diabetic women much likelier than men to develop heart disease Read article here

FDA Advisory on Surgical Device Divides Doctors Read article here

Yelp helps identify unreported cases of food poisoning Read article here

Experimental Malaria Vaccine Blocks The Bad Guy’s Exit Read article here