ICYMI: “Chat-Worthy” News Recap

Recap for Week Ending June 6, 2014: 

The FDA now lets you search through America’s medicinal mistakes Read article here

Children near Boston Marathon bombing exhibited symptoms of PTSD, study finds Read article here

More Americans surviving cancer than ever Read article here

Could A Lung Cancer Breath Test Save Lives? Read article here

New Lung Cancer Breath Test May Lower Death Rate

Drug helps breast cancer patients preserve fertility Read article here

Breast Cancer Gene Also Causes Lung Cancer Read article here

Severe sunburns early in life linked to higher melanoma risk Read article here

Skin cancer trial results ‘exciting’ Read article here

scan of lungs

Fighting Back: Patient’s Own Immune Cells Tackle Cervical Cancer Read article here

New approach to treating prostate cancer may boost survival Read article here

New drug regimen ‘reduces early menopause risk’ for breast cancer patients Read article here

What Is Breast Cancer?

The Serious Heart Risks That Come With Chemo Read article here

Green Tea Lowers Risk of Pancreatic Cancer, Study Read article here

[Some Antibiotics Linked With Increased Colon Cancer Risk Read article here


Patients with terminal illnesses benefit from stopping statins Read article here


Google Glass Enters the Operating Room Read article here

Dr. Christopher Kaeding, an orthopedic surgeon at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, performing an A.C.L. operation while wearing Google Glass.

Gender may affect the way people feel pain Read article here

See doctor before heading to the World Cup, health officials advise Read article here


Low blood pressure later in life doesn’t mean you’re free of vascular-related dementia Read article here

Food poisoning? It was likely a restaurant worker, says CDC Read article here

Food poisoning? It was likely a restaurant worker, says CDC

Health providers slowly embrace drug Truvada to prevent HIV Read article here

FDA approves drug to treat MRSA Read article here

Boy’s Mysterious Infection Cured After DNA Sequencing Read article here

Doctors Hesitate To Ask Heart Patients About End-Of-Life Plans Read article here

Pot Isn’t Harmless, Top U.S. Health Official Says Read article here


Severe hunger can have lasting effects for gut health, study finds Read article here


Yes, It Was a Nasty Flu Year, CDC Confirms Read article here

Cancer Hospitals Make Gene Tests a New Standard for Care Read article here

Dirty baby, healthy baby? Filth may cut allergies Read article here
41 Superfoods, Ranked By How Healthy They Are Read article here
Why are older women more vulnerable to breast cancer? New clues Read article here