ICYMI: “Chat-Worthy” News Recap

Recap for Week Ending June 27, 2014: 

If you don’t snooze, you lose, health experts say Read article here

U.S. government scientists retrace events leading to anthrax breach Read article here

Hospitals To Pay Big Fines For Infections, Avoidable Injuries Read article here

Shortage Of Saline Solution Has Hospitals On Edge Read article here

Study: Women Who Give Birth Later Live Longer Read article here

New Study May Explain Why Stress Can Cause Heart Attacks Read article here

FDA Orders Testosterone Supplement Makers To Include Blood Clot Warnings Read article here

How a smartphone could prevent falls Read article here


Routine vitamin D testing not justified, panel says Read article here


Sarah Murnaghan Case Prompts Permanent Lung Transplant Policy Tweak Read article here

Lifetime of learning may help prevent dementia Read article here

Warning Unheeded, Heart Drugs Are Recalled Read article here

Lung cancer study of why young, healthy are stricken Read article here

Brain implant restores control of paralyzed muscles Read article here

Death or immobility often follows hip fractures in nursing homes Read article here

Many Kids with Persistent Coughs Have Whooping Cough Read article here

a girl coughing

Acne products can cause harmful side effects, FDA warns Read article here

Few Doctors Warn Expectant Mothers About Environmental Hazards Read article here

Federal panel recommends flu spray vaccine for children Read article here

Low-dose aspirin may reduce pancreatic cancer risk Read article here

Your Doctor Knows You’re Killing Yourself. The Data Brokers Told Her Read article here

Hospitals Seen Viewing Donuts-to-Cigarette Purchases for Health

Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to High Blood Pressure Read article here

Cost of not caring: Stigma set in stone Read article here

FDA struggles to regulate fecal transplants Read article here

New Blood Test Predicts Risk Of Non-Hereditary Breast Cancer Read article here

breast cancer

Do Teething Babies Need Medicine on Their Gums? No Read article here

baby with teething ring (350x400)

Drinking behind 1 in 10 deaths of working-age adults Read article here

Excess drinking