ICYMI: “Chat-Worthy” News Recap

Recap for Week Ending July 18, 2014: 

New Study Calls Bed-Sharing ‘Extremely Risky’ For Babies Read article here 

Diabetes diagnosed with inexpensive, portable microchip test Read article here

diabetes microchip

Worried You May Be Developing Alzheimer’s? Check Your Eyes Read article here

Smell test may detect early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, studies show Read article here

Study Questions the Need to Fast for Cholesterol Test Read article here

Got a rash? iPad, other devices might be the cause Read article here

You Asked: Are Calories Created Equal? Read article here

Are Organic Vegetables More Nutritious After All? Read article here

Finally! Hard Evidence We Can Slow Alzheimer’s By Exercising The Body And The Mind Read article here

English: PET scan of a human brain with Alzhei...

Study: BFFs May Have Similar DNA Read article here

Could the cause of cerebral palsy run in the family? Read article here

Family sunset

Best hospitals ranked for 2014 Read article here

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, was ranked as the best overall hospital by U.S. News & World Report.

Does Sexual Orientation Matter When It Comes to Health? Read article here

What Happens When the Shape and Color of a Generic Pill Changes? Read article here

A Spoonful of Medicine May Put Children at RisRead article here

Niacin May Be Too Risky As Heart Drug, Reports Find Read article here

Image: A woman returns her medication to a cabinet at her home in Winthrop, Maine on Mat 11, 2012.

Preventive mastectomy does little to extend life of breast cancer patients Read article here

Scientists create ‘biological pacemaker’ inside off-tempo hearts Read article here

New brain protein tied to Alzheimer’s disease Read article here

Chilling new details on cold-storage smallpox Read article here

XXX FDA-hq-images-by-AYoung-002

Scientific review finds asthma drugs suppress child growth Read article here


Could a single injection stop diabetesRead article here

Hormonal birth control linked to risk of gestational diabetes Read article here

AIDS Experts’ Deaths in Malaysian Air Disaster ‘Great Loss’ for Research Read article here

AIDS Causing Fewer Deaths Among HIV-Positive Patients Read article here

Only 1 in 5 sexually active U.S. teens HIV-tested Read article here

HIV testing