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The doctor is in … your mobile device:

It was 11:45 a.m. and Dr. Christopher Bailey’s laptop was chirping, indicating a patient was on the line. “Hi, this is Dr. Bailey. Can you hear me?” Yes, the female patient said, she could. She’d been violently coughing for days and was losing her voice, she explained. Her eye had turned red and she couldn’t sleep. Read more

The Future of Medicine Is in Your Smartphone:

Over the past decade, smartphones have radically changed many aspects of our everyday lives, from banking to shopping to entertainment. Medicine is next. With innovative digital technologies, cloud computing and machine learning, the medicalized smartphone is going to upend every aspect of health care. And the end result will be that you, the patient, are about to take center stage for the first time. Read more




Innovative Healthcare Technology Is Leading The Fight Against Infectious Disease:

If you ever watched The Jetsons as a kid, you probably were enthralled by – but also a little skeptical of – the robotic contraptions, holograms, and other crazy-seeming inventions that propelled their lives every day. You can go ahead and suspend that disbelief now, because the next time you visit the hospital, you’ll find that the world of the Jetsons is already here. Read more