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Newlywed Dies of Sepsis After Getting Flu:

A Wisconsin newlywed started to feel sick with the flu on a Monday. By Friday, she was dead. Katie McQuestion, a 26-year-old radiologist from Kenosha, Wisconsin, got a flu shot to comply with hospital policy and had no underlying medical conditions, but she caught the flu and developed a serious complication from it: sepsis. Read more



Got The Flu? Here’s When To Head To The ER:

Everyone who has ever been sick has been faced with these questions: Is your condition bad enough to get yourself, or your kids, out of bed and into a doctor’s office? Or, if sickness strikes on a weekend or after hours — which it always seems to, right? — when should you hit the walk-in or ER? Read more


Flu Vaccine Barely Working This Year, CDC Says:

The flu vaccine is barely protecting people this year – reducing the risk of serious disease by just 23 percent, federal health officials said Thursday. Read more



Mischelle Denison, right, of Johnson, Iowa, visitsAcross the country, flu takes toll on elderly:

Senior citizens in nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and hospitals across the country are being slammed with the flu this year thanks in part to a vaccine that failed to offer strong protection from the virus and a strain that’s particularly bad for the young and the old, federal health officials say. Read  more



Why scientists guessed wrong on this year’s flu vaccine, and why it could happen again:

In early March, Robert Daum and other infectious-disease experts from around the country will gather in a Silver Spring, Md., hotel to choose the influenza strains that vaccine makers should target for next year’s flu season. It’s an annual guessing game of sorts, one backed by data but also plagued with uncertainty. And when the guesses don’t exactly match the reality, as happened this past year, it can mean a dismal and deadly flu season. Read more