Top News: #Patientsafety

Here are the top read news for #patientsafety:

635569170165593216-Saline40 patients mistakenly given unsterile intravenous fluid:

At least 40 patients mistakenly received unsterilized, “simulated” intravanous fluids — meant for training only — instead of the sterile saline solution normally given to people in the hospital, health officials said Wednesday. Read more




Hospitals Lower Health Care-Associated Infections:

Hospitals are more effectively controlling health care – associated infections, with the most progress in central line-associated bloodstream infections and select surgical site infections, according to a progress report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday. Read more



A look at California hospital safety ratings‘A lot of people think the most expensive healthcare is the best healthcare. That is not the case at all’:

Consumers might think twice about dining at a restaurant with a poor health grade posted in the window. And patient advocates say it shouldn’t be any different when going to the hospital. Read more



Safe Doctors, Unsafe Patients: A Tale of Two Infections:

Call it a tale of two infections. It’s the story of how hospitals have blocked transmission of a dangerous infection that patients can give doctors, while a hospital-caused infection that can kill patients continues to be widely tolerated. It involves saved lives and endangered ones ­– and also of billions of dollars spent needlessly due to unsafe care. Read more