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alcohol_pills_istock.jpgNearly half of U.S. drinkers risk deadly effects of mixing prescriptions with alcohol, study says:

A new study has found nearly half of those who drink alcohol in the United States have used one or more alcohol-interactive prescription medications that researchers say can lead to dangerous health complications and in some cases, be deadly. Read more 


pharmacyEveryday Drugs May Increase Your Risk Of Alzheimer’s:

Anticholinergic medications span a range of common drugs and include antihistamines, sleep aids, antidepressants, cardiovascular meds, gastrointestinal drugs (for diarrhea, incontinence, diverticulitis, and ulcers), and muscle relaxants. Now, a new study confirms the link between these everyday medications and dementia. Read more


 pregnant woman with pillsCDC: low awareness among women of birth defect risk from opioids:

Pregnancy can throw up a million and one questions and niggling aspects: morning sickness, constipation and tiredness. One of the more irksome sides is the seemingly endless changing list of things to avoid. The CDC has released a report suggesting that women of childbearing age that may be in the dark about the implications of taking commonly prescribed opioids during pregnancy, and the subsequent increased risk of some birth defects. Read more


Study reveals lack of data on opioid drugs:

A National Institutes of Health white paper that was released today finds little to no evidence for the effectiveness of opioid drugs in the treatment of long-term chronic pain, despite the explosive recent growth in the use of the drugs. Read more


Potential Drug Interactions Are Common for Hospitalized Kids

Nearly half of all pediatric patients who were hospitalized in the United States in 2011 were treated with combinations of drugs that could have interacted badly with each other. Such potential interactions could lead to serious adverse effects and appear to be a common risk for patients under age 21. Read more