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The surprising dangers of CT scans and X-rays:

When James Duncan, M.D., a radiologist at Washington University in St. Louis, experienced intense pain in his abdomen in 2010, he rushed to a local emergency room. His doctors suspected kidney stones, but they wanted to be sure, so they ordered a CT scan. Duncan remained motionless as the machine captured a detailed, 3D image of his abdomen. He knew that the test was done when the machine stopped whirring. So he was surprised when the scanner kicked back on after a few seconds. Read more


DEPRESSION BRAINCould Depression Be Caused By Inflammation In The Brain?:

There are a number of factors that may play a role in the development of depression, including genetic, environmental, emotional, psychological and biological influences. According to one integrative neuroscientist, depression could even be a form of infectious disease. Read more


Breathing for Your Better Health:

Behind that common piece of advice is a complex series of physiological processes that calm the body, slow the heart and help control pain. Read more



Once easily recognized, signs of measles now elude young doctors:

An infectious disease specialist at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, she had read the headlines about new measles cases — including outbreaks in California and Ohio — and decided it was time to speak out.



 Growing Scrutiny for an Allergy Trigger Used in Personal Care Products:

Because she has an eczema condition, Michelle Kirn intently reads ingredient labels on baby wipes, soaps and other household items to avoid allergic reactions that she says were caused by a commonly used preservative. Read more