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lady caring older manParamedics could deliver life-saving drugs to stroke victims:

When a person suffers a stroke, the chances of them returning to a normal life could depend on how quickly they receive drugs that restore proper blood flow in the affected part of the brain. Now, a new study shows it is feasible for paramedics to deliver these drugs before the patient reaches the hospital. Read more


 wineBuzz Kill: 3 Daily Cocktails May Boost Stroke Risk – Study:

You may want to keep that third beer of the night stashed in your fridge. People in their 50s and 60s who down more than two alcoholic beverages daily have a 34 percent higher risk of stroke compared to lighter drinkers — and are more apt to suffer a stroke five years earlier in life regardless of their genetics or their other health habits, asserts a study released Thursday. Read more


Newly Diagnosed With High Blood Pressure? 3 Factors Affect Prognosis:

THURSDAY, Feb. 5, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Prompt and intense treatment at the first signs of high blood pressure appears key to preventing heart attacks, strokes and early death, according to a new study. Read more





FAST-MAG Published: A New Window for Stroke Therapy?:

The FAST-MAG (Field Administration of Stroke Therapy–Magnesium) trial of prehospital magnesium therapy in stroke patients has been published in the February 5 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine. Read more



New Blood Pressure Guidelines May Save Lives New Blood Pressure Guidelines May Save Lives:

Heart attacks, strokes and heart related deaths may decline with new hypertension guidelines Read more