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There’s a national shortage of saline solution. Yeah, we’re talking salt water. Huh?:

There are few drugs as useful and as widely used in healthcare as normal saline. The clear, restorative intravenous fluid is used to rehydrate patients with flu, and food poisoning, and Ebola, and countless dozens of other conditions. It’s used in dialysis and surgery, to clean wounds, and to inject patients with medication from antibiotics to chemotherapy. According to Baxter, one of the country’s leading producers of the solution, 740 units of normal saline and other sterile solutions are used each minute across the U.S. Baxter ships more than a million units per day. Read more


Nutrient IVs: What You Need to KnowNutrient IVs: What You Need to Know:

The most recent beauty fad to grab our attention? NutrientIV’s, also known as ‘party girl drips,’ and ‘hangover cures.’ In simple terms,they’re a fast and easy way to receive a quick dose of vitamins straight into your bloodstream. Not surprisingly, celebrities are huge fans. Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne have Instagrammed photos of their arms hooked up to IV’s, Madonna and Cindy Crawford are said to get them, and most recently Delevingne’s elder sister, Poppy, posted an Instagram photo of herself hooked up to a drip whilst enjoying a cup of tea. Read more




Are Too Many Heart Failure Patients Getting IV Fluids?:

(HealthDay News) — Potentially harmful intravenous (IV) fluids are being given to too many patients with severe heart failure, a new study suggests.
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4411268_lIV Therapy – the latest health fad?:

Lately I’ve seen increasing news about IVtherapy services on several social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Look it up using the hashtag #ivtherapy. You might be surprised to find many celebrities, athletes, models, general public and advertisements talking about getting IVtherapy, not because they are ill but for “out of the box” reasons like, hangover, dehydration, or a boost of high dose Vitamin C, nutritional supplements, cocktails and others. Many of these IVtherapy services are provided at places called “IV lounge” at a physician’s or naturopathic’s clinics, at the convenience of your own home or hotel room, at parties/events, or even  at a mobile clinic. Read more