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Measles vaccine isn't a part of most workplaces.Can Employers Require Workers To Be Vaccinated? It Depends:

When measles first hit Disneyland back in December, several employees were infected. The company asked workers who may have had contact with the ill not to come back to work until they showed proof of immunity. And Disney footed the bill for those who needed to update their vaccines. What about where you work? Do employers have any responsibility to check the vaccination status of their staff, even when there’s no imminent outbreak? Read more



NEWW SHOTS.JPGMeasles cases turn attention to bounty of childhood vaccines:

Measles is in the news, but it’s just one of more than a dozen preventable – and sometimes forgotten – diseases targeted by vaccines for children. Most immunizations start in infancy and some include multiple doses over several months or years. The government recommends 13 vaccines against 16 diseases, through age 18. Read more


7 Vaccine Myths Debunked by Doctors:

Delaying vaccines is not only a waste of time, it could be dangerous to your kids. And no, foreigners aren’t bringing most measles cases into the U.S. Experts on measles vaccines say they’re frustrated by the wide array of rumors being fed by websites, organized anti-vaccine groups, and the media. They debunked many of the myths at a seminar Monday organized by the Johns Hopkins school of public health. Read more


PHOTO: A pediatrician holds a dose of the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine at his practice, Jan. 29, 2015, in Northridge, Calif. A Breakdown of Ingredients in Childhood Vaccines:

Parents who express misgivings about childhood vaccines are often responding to misinformation about what vaccines contain, experts say.Dr. Frank Esper, an infectious disease doctor with the UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland, stressed that each vaccine component is there for a reason and has been thoroughly tested for stability, safety and effectiveness.



Students at Huntington Park high school get whooping cough shots on July 6, 2011.Whooping cough vaccine failing for many patients:

As debate simmers nationwide about whether parents should be forced to vaccinate their children, Elk Grove residents have made their choice: Only 80 of the suburb’s 4,500 kindergartners opted out of vaccinations last year, state data show. Read more