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sleepHere’s How Much Experts Think You Should Sleep Every Night:

The National Sleep Foundation, a nonprofit aimed at promoting healthy sleep and safety, says the amount of sleep a person needs is highly variable and that some people need more than others. Still, the new hour ranges for each age group recommend more hours for infants, kids and teens. Read more


Go On, Take A Nap — It's Good For Your Immune SystemGo On, Take A Nap — It’s Good For Your Immune System:

Naps may be good for more than helping you stay alert and focused during the day — according to a small new study, they could also be a boon to the body’s immune system. Read more



SLEEP HEALTH BENEFITSThe 11 Biggest Health Benefits Of Sleep:

Quality shut-eye is some of the best medicine available. It leads to more energy, helps you handle stress and improves overall well-being. Read more


Strange Ways Sleeping Positions Affect Your HealthStrange Ways Sleeping Positions Affect Your Health:

Whether you snooze on your back, side, or stomach, you probably don’t give your sleeping position much thought. But how you curl up each night can impact your health in some surprising ways. Read more



9 fascinating facts about the science of sleep:

Most people already know that sleep is important and that they should probably get more of it. But that’s only part of the story. Read more