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mhealth10 Apps That Are Changing Healthcare:

Hiking deep in the woods, you scratch your leg and notice you’ve been bitten by, well, something, but you don’t know what. Swelling and a rash are setting in. Or maybe you’re house-bound for three days due to a bad storm. The roads are closed except for emergencies, and your baby’s cough is getting worse. What do you do?


FDA clears new medical app to track real-time glucose levels in diabetics:

Doctors and other caregivers will soon be able to track the blood-sugar levels of diabetic patients by simply logging into a smartphone app, in the latest example of how mobile technologies are changing the health care landscape. Read  more




Personalized medical technologyFuture of healthcare: Sensors will lead to highly personalized care:

he future of health looks a lot like the fitness tracker you might already wear on your wrist or your waistband.But instead of just keeping tabs on your activity level, high-tech sensors embedded throughout your home, your car and maybe even under your skin will keep tabs on your every waking moment. Read more