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Encouraging news for food allergy sufferers:

Every three minutes in the U.S. someone visits an emergency room with a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction to food, but now top researchers are exploring a promising experimental treatment. Read more 


Peanuts Skin patch may protect against life-threatening peanut allergy:

In the second phase of a drug trial, half of participants wearing the highest dose “peanut patches” for a year were able to consume the equivalent of four peanuts without reacting, researchers reported Sunday at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. Read more


Peanut butter.JPGScientists identify specific gene mutations associated with peanut allergies:

An estimated 2 to 10 percent of U.S. children affected by peanut allergies will not grow out of the potentially life-threatening allergy, and they have no known treatment at their disposal. But a team of researchers at Johns Hopkins University have identified specific gene markers associated with the condition, and say their findings may offer a basis for future detection and medication. Read more



babyallergyTreatment reduces kids’ peanut allergy risk up to 86%:

For years, parents were told that the best way to prevent kids from becoming allergic to peanuts was to withhold peanuts from their children’s diet. That advice couldn’t have been more wrong, a new study shows. Read more



allergyKids, Allergies And A Possible Downside To Squeaky Clean Dishes:

Could using a dishwashing machine increase the chances your child will develop allergies? That’s what some provocative new research suggests — but don’t tear out your machine just yet. Read more