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10860-edScientists find new, aggressive strain of HIV in Cuba:

Scientists have found an aggressive strain of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in Cuba that they say can progress to AIDS so rapidly that patients may not even know they are infected before symptoms appear, Medical News Today reported. Read more



New Approach to Blocking HIV Raises Hopes for an AIDS Vaccine:

New Approach to Blocking H.I.V. Raises Hopes for an AIDS Vaccine. A new compound has blocked H.I.V. infection so well in monkeys that it may be able to function as a vaccine against AIDS, the scientists who designed it reported Wednesday. Read more




[HIV/AIDS graphic and drugs]‘41,000 HIV transmissions yearly due to no diagnosis or care’:

Improving the diagnosis of HIV infection, and the level of contact with care services for those who are diagnosed, is as significant as targeting risky sexual and drug use behaviors for cutting the total estimated number of 45,000 HIV transmissions every year in the US, found the authors of research published today.




Study That Paid Patients to Take H.I.V. Drugs Fails:

SEATTLE — A major study testing whether Americans would take their H.I.V. drugs every day if they were paid to do so has essentially failed, the scientists running it announced Tuesday at an AIDS conference here. Read more 





Daily use of Truvada reduced the risk of HIV infection in gay and bisexual men by 86%, public health researchers from the U.K. reported. HIV Drugs Shown to Be Effective in Trials:

SEATTLE—Findings from several clinical trials show how well drugs meant to treat the AIDS virus can protect people from becoming infected. But the trials also show that finding prevention methods that people will use is just as important as the medications themselves, researchers said Tuesday. Read more