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sickchildPay attention to these symptoms if your child is sick:

It’s the time of the year for cold, flu and stomach bugs. No parent likes to see their child sick. And many wonder how to tell if the symptoms are likely to pass or if they might be a sign of something more serious. How do you know when it’s time to call the pediatrician? Read more



kidsanesthesiaResearchers Warn on Anesthesia, Unsure of Risk to Children:

Faced with mounting evidence that general anesthesia may impair brain development in babies and young children, experts said Wednesday that more research is greatly needed and that when planning surgery for a child, parents and doctors should consider how urgently it is required, particularly in children younger than 3 years. Read more




Hospitals See Alarming Increase in Suicidal Children:

Here’s a troubling thought: more kids and young adults are intentionally hurting themselves — sometimes lethally.Read more





kidssafetyFor kids, danger lurks in every room at home:

All parents want to keep their children safe. There’s the age-old advice: Don’t take candy from strangers. Look both ways before crossing the street. But many parents forget that safety hazards aren’t only outside — they’re also lurking in the comfort of one’s home. Danger can be found in every room of a house or apartment that put children at risk of serious harm. Read more






kidshealthTackling Eating Disorders With School-Based Initiatives:

Advocates are pushing for school-based initiatives to raise awareness about the dangers of eating disorders, which kill more Americans than any other psychiatric illness. Read more