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mammogram_monitor.jpgMore evidence breast cancer and prostate cancer cluster in families:

Women with close male relatives with prostate cancer are more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer, a new study confirms. Read  more



breast cancerFifteen new breast cancer genetic risk ‘hot-spots’ revealed:

Scientists have discovered another 15 genetic ‘hot-spots’ that can increase a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer, according to research published today in Nature Genetics




Major study links two new genetic variants to breast cancerMajor study links two new genetic variants to breast cancer:

A worldwide study of the DNA of 100,000 women has discovered two new genetic variants associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. The genetic variants are specifically linked to the most common form of breast cancer, estrogen-receptor positive (ER+), and provide important insights into how the disease develops. Read more




A 7 cm breast cancer was obscured on the mammogram, left, but became visible with a technology called molecular breast imaging, right; arrow. New Screening Tests for Hard-to-Spot Breast Cancers:

Millions of women in 21 states will get an ominous note with their mammogram results this year. Even if everything seems fine, they’ll be informed that they have dense breast tissue, which can raise their risk for cancer and hide abnormalities, making their mammograms less accurate. Read more

It's a good start when experimental compounds stop the proliferation of cancer cells in the lab. But, as many researchers have learned the hard way, that's just an early step toward creating a worthwhile treatment.A Biological Quest Leads To A New Kind Of Breast Cancer Drug:

Each year, the Food and Drug Administration approves dozens of drugs, but often those medicines don’t make a huge difference to people with disease. That’s because these “new” drugs are often very much like existing medicines — or are, in fact, existing medicines, approved for a slightly different purpose.