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When it comes to medical research, Apple wants this to be the way of the past.Can Apple Help Cure Cancer? Its New ResearchKit Could Be The Start:

Apple used its Apple Watch media event on Monday to unveil ResearchKit — its audacious new effort to transform how medical research gets done. And if you’re an iPhone user, it was basically an open invitation to help out.




(Thinkstock)Cancer: The mysterious miracle cases inspiring doctors:

A few patients have made rare and unexpected recoveries leaving doctors scratching their heads, says David Robson. Can these cases provide vital clues for tackling cancer? Read more




Could Oxygen Make Cancer Therapy Work Better?

Researchers have been looking for years for a way to use oxygen to fight cancer. Now, they may finally have one. Read more



FDA Approves First Biosimilar Cancer Drug:

The Federal Drug Administration approved the first biosimilar product in the United States on Friday. The drug, Zarxio, is now permitted for use in chemotherapy treatments to help patients’ bodies produce white blood cells. Zarxio is the generic version of the biologic drug Neupogen. Read more





Pregnant Women Are Finding Out They Have Cancer From A Genetic Test Of Their Babies:

Sequenom Laboratories revealed today that its prenatal genetic tests have uncovered cancer in at least 26 pregnant women. These cases, though extremely rare, are raising ethical questions about the unregulated — and rapidly evolving — genetic-testing industry. Read more