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Nurse Rhonda Wyskiel carries a tablet computer during rounds in the surgical intensive care unit at The Johns Hopkins Hospital to quickly gauge whether her patients are at risk of any harms.Intensive Care Gets Friendlier with Apps, Devices:

Hospitals are redesigning intensive care units to make them safer and less dehumanizing, with a new focus on engaging families and patients in decisions. Read more



Glenn Lightner in 2012 at age 13. His father searched for years, to no avail, hoping to find a promising experimental cancer treatment that might save his son's life.Results Of Many Clinical Trials Not Being Reported:

Many scientists are failing to live up to a 2007 law that requires them to report the results of their clinical trials to a public website, according to a study in Thursday’s New England Journal of MedicineRead more


What Patients Prefer to Know:

If you had a serious illness, how much would you want to know about it? Dr. Rachel A. Freedman, an oncologist who specializes in breast cancer at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, said she noticed a few years ago that many patients who were referred to her had little understanding of their disease or its treatment. Read more


This lab in Salt Lake City is an early testing ground for new painkillers.Holy Grail: Pain Pills Without the High:

Last year, scientists enlisted 40 recreational drug users to test one of the hottest questions in pharmaceutical research: Is it possible to develop a strong painkiller that doesn’t make people high? Read more


lung-transplant-031515-2Machine keeps lungs ‘alive’ outside the body:

DETROIT — The medical marvel that saved Kyle Clark’s life is about as fantastical as any story the comic books superfan could conceive. Read more