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Loneliness solitudeWhy Loneliness May Be the Next Big Public-Health Issue:

Loneliness kills. That’s the conclusion of a new study by Brigham Young University researchers who say they are sounding the alarm on what could be the next big public-health issue, on par with obesity and substance abuse.


We know breastfeeding helps babies fight infections. Now we’re learning it may boost IQ:

For a long time, studies suggested breastfeeding could have a positive effect on a baby’s future intelligence and earning power. But we didn’t know whether these findings were real because the research was mostly short term or carried out in high-income countries, where wealthier, more educated women are more likely to breastfeed than their lower socioeconomic counterparts. Read more


US Kids’ Diets Put Them on Road to Heart Disease:

erican kids eat too much sugar and salt, they don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, and far too many are overweight, a new study shows. The findings may not surprise parents, but they are disturbing to the researchers, who say these children are being set up for early heart disease. Read more


Obese Women 40 percent More Likely to Develop Seven Types of CancerObese Women 40 percent More Likely to Develop Seven Types of Cancer:

We all know the ill-effects of obesity all too well, but a new study sheds light on some scary facts. A study by the Cancer Research UK says obese women have around 40 percent greater risk of developing a weight-related cancer in their lifetime than women of a healthy weight. Not only this, it increases  a woman’s risk of developing at least seven types of cancer. Read more

Parents Hunt for Answers on Kids’ Mysterious Paralysis:

“Over 100 kids are paralyzed and no one’s talking about it” – In August 2014, a small number of children began turning up at emergency rooms around the country with symptoms of severe respiratory disease. Read more