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Scientists may have identified a gene that causes severe autism in women

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3 Drinks Give You Liver Cancer, But Coffee Protects:

Researchers looking at the causes of liver cancer say they’ve narrowed down just how much alcohol you have to drink to risk giving yourself the disease: three drinks a day.But coffee seems clearly to protect people from liver cancer, which killed 746,000 people globally in 2012. Read more

A herd of longhorn cattle stand as wildfire rages near on September 1, 2011 in Graford, TexasAntibiotic Resistant Bacteria Have Gone Airborne:

A new study says the DNA from antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in American cattle yards has becomeairborne, creating a new pathway by which such bacteria can potentially spread to humans and hinder treatment of life-threatening infections. Read more


Scientists may have identified a gene that causes severe autism in women:

Autism in women is rare: men are four times as likely to be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, and so scientists haven’t spent as much time studying the disorder’s genetic imprint in women. A newly identified gene could change that, according to a studypublished in Nature today. Read more


635627873524220227-Smoking32-above-NS32-below-croppedFetuses reacting to moms’ smoking:

The harmful effects of smoking while pregnant are displayed on the faces of fetuses, according to new research.Using high definition images of fetuses in the womb researchers think they can see differences in prenatal developmental behavior in smokers vs. non-smokers. Read more


Learning to Say No to Dialysis:

Gerald J. Hladik was 74 when the day long anticipated by his doctors arrived: His kidneys, damaged years earlier by a viral infection, had lost 85 percent of their function. Time to begin dialysisRead more