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Patients Bounce Back Faster From Surgery With Hospitals’ New Protocol:

Hospitals are starting to abandon the time-honored drill for surgery patients— including fasting, heavy IV fluids, powerful post-op narcotics and bed rest—amid growing evidence that the lack of nutrients, fluid overload and drug side effects can do more harm than good. Read more


660_elderly_with_walker.jpgWhy getting patients on their feet may speed recovery in ICU:

Some hospitals do manage to help critically ill patients stand or walk despite being tethered to life support. Now research that put sick mice on tiny treadmills shows why even a little activity may help speed recovery. It’s work that supports more mobility in the ICU. Read more


new versus old gowns 570In Pursuit Of Patient Satisfaction, Hospitals Update The Hated Hospital Gown:

Whether a patient is in the hospital for an organ transplant, an appendectomy or to have a baby, one complaint is common: the gown. Read more


Transforming Nursing Home Care:

Speak the words “dementia” and “nursing home,” and you’ve exposed two great fears among people in developed countries, where living until 80 or 90 is increasingly common. Despite efforts to keep frail elders in their own homes, increasing numbers of people with dementia are likely to spend time in a nursing home. Read more