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Lorenzo Gritti for NPRMaybe You Should Skip That Annual Physical:

It’s a warm afternoon in Miami, and 35-year-old Emanuel Vega has come to Baptist Health Primary Care for a physical exam. Vega, a strapping man with a thick black beard, is feeling good, but he came to see the doctor today because his wife thought he should. She even made the appointment. It is free to him under his insurance policy with no copay, as most preventive care is under the Affordable Care Act. Read more


Pssst, that’s not breast milk you’re buying:

When is breast milk not breast milk? When you order it online, apparently. Read more


This is what the inflammation of sinus infection looks like in a false-color X-ray. It hurts even more in real life.Diagnosing A Sinus Infection Can Be A DIY Project:

Sinus infections are miserable, and it’s hard not to want to run to the doctor for relief. Rethink that, the nation’s ear, nose and throat doctors say. Read more


A new study suggests that a child's vision in first grade can predict whether he or she might become nearsighted by middle school.Will your kid need glasses? New formula predicts myopia:

Researchers think they’ve come up with a simple formula for predicting which children will need glasses as they hit middle school: measure how farsighted they are in the first grade. Read more

Ancient antibioticFrom a medieval text, a weapon against a modern superbug emerges:

At the the University of Nottingham in Britain, researchers have rediscovered an ancient medicinal elixir that appears to fight a very modern scourge: a deadly drug-resistant bacterial infection rampant in hospitals. Read more