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A woman checking her breastBreast cancer ‘is not a single disease,’ say experts:

A new report from a group of leading medical experts in the US claims breast cancer is not a single disease; it consists of four molecular subtypes, each with different treatment responses and different survival rates. Incidence of these subtypes varies by age, race/ethnicity and many other factors, according to the experts. Read more


breastcancermutationsAll Breast Cancer Mutations Are Not Equal:

When it comes to breast cancer risk, all mutations are not equal, researchers reported Tuesday. The researchers found wide variations in risk for breast and ovarian cancer among women with different mutations of the so-called breast cancer genes, BRCA1 and BRCA2. Read more

The high cost of breast cancer “false positives”:

Sharpening a medical debate about the costs and benefits of cancer screening, a new report estimates that the U.S. spends $4 billion a year on unnecessary medical costs due to mammograms that generate false alarms, and on treatment of certain breast tumors unlikely to cause problems. Read more



Breast Cancer ScreeningCostlier Breast Cancer Treatments and Survival:

More expensive breast cancer treatments are linked to a greater chance of survival, new research suggests. Read more

PhotoResearchers develop genetic breast cancer screening tool:

Researchers led by doctors at the Mayo Clinic may have made it easier for women to assess any genetic anomalies they might have that could result in getting breast cancer. The scientists have found dozens of common genetic variants that are associated with the disease. Read more