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Pe-225-0260The most common outdoor allergies in the United States, by region:

Outdoor allergies don’t discriminate. With spring in full swing, a lot of us are experiencing itchy eyes and running noses. Seasonal allergies go into high gear the spring when plants bloom and in the fall when mold spores are released. Read more


seasonalallergySpring allergies get new treatment guidelines:

Sneezing season is here again. About 1 in 5 Americans suffer from seasonal allergies or hay fever. But new treatment guidelines out this spring could help those who can’t stop sniffling. Read more


HAY FEVERWhen Seasonal Allergies Get Serious:

Spring is finally here, and many regions in the U.S. are beginning to thaw after a treacherous winter. Many of us are eager to get outside to welcome back warmer weather. But if you’re one of 50 million Americans with seasonal allergies, you might be dreading spring as much as others look forward to it. Read more

Sniff Eucalyptus Oil To Ease Itching And Sneezing10 Drug-Free Allergy Remedies:

Spring is here — great news if you’re totally over the snow and cold, but nothing to cheer about if you’re one of the millions of adults with seasonal allergies. Read more