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autismThe most promising areas of autism research:

Researchers have been making tremendous progress in their efforts to understand the causes of autism, as well as which interventions may be most effective to help children with the disorder thrive. Read more


Some doctors aren't up to date on how to assess autism symptoms in very young children.Some Doctors Still Dismiss Parents’ Concerns About Autism:

Most children with autism get diagnosed around age 5, when they start school. But signs of the developmental disorder may be seen as early as 1 year old. Read more


In this May 23, 2014 photo, Colleen Jankovich works with her 11-year-old autistic son, Matthew, who is non-verbal and requires 24/7 care, in Omaha,  (AP)Stark Realities Of Autistic Adulthood:

You don’t outgrow autism. But a wave of autistic children is growing into adulthood. What’s going to happen then? Read more


XXX TEEN-PREGNANCY-PREGNANT-STOCK003.JPGGestational diabetes increases autism risk:

Children are slightly more likely to develop autism if their mothers were diagnosed with diabetes early in pregnancy, a new study shows. Read more


Men's Role In AutismEarly Signs of Autism May Come From Father’s DNA:

Science and discovery has come a long way since autism was first identified in the 1940s, according to The National Autistic Society. Yet there is still no cure for the complex brain development disorder that causes varying degrees of difficulty in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal commination, and repetitive behavior. While clues for the cause have been largely investigated during pregnancy, Johns Hopkins researchers set out to see if the father’s sperm had any answers. Read more