Top News: #Cancer

Here are the top read news for #cancer:


New Blood Test Shows Promise in Cancer Fight:

In the usual cancer biopsy, a surgeon cuts out a piece of the patient’s tumor, but researchers in labs across the country are now testing a potentially transformative innovation. They call it the liquid biopsy, and it is a blood test that has only recently become feasible with the latest exquisitely sensitive techniques. It is showing promise in finding tiny snippets of cancer DNA in a patient’s blood. Read more


Immune System Drugs Melt Tumors In New Study, Leading A Cancer Revolution:

The 49-year-old woman had had three melanoma growths removed from her skin, but now the disease was spreading further. A several-centimeter-sized growth under her left breast went deep into her chest wall. Some of the tissue in the tumor was dying because of lack of blood flow. Read more


Study Sparks Debate on Accuracy of Genome Tests for Cancer Patients:

Finding suggests tests could lead doctors to prescribe ineffective drugs in up to half of cases. Read more


 An illustration of T Lymphocytes on a Cancer Cell.Recruiting the entire immune system to attack cancer:

The human immune system is poised to spring into action at the first sign of a foreign invader, but it often fails to eliminate tumors that arise from the body’s own cells. Cancer biologists hope to harness that untapped power using an approach known as cancer immunotherapy. Read more