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nursesNational Nurses Week Quotes 2015: 15 Inspirational And Funny Sayings To Honor Health Professionals:

Nurses are the backbone of health care systems around the world, bearing up countless patients and working long days to help save lives. National Nurses Week 2015, which begins Wednesday, is a time to recognize the vital role nurses have played in hospitals everywhere. Read more


Nurses say peer bullying is rampant–and patients pay the price:

As the issue of violence directed at healthcare workers gains ever more attention, research shows that nurses and doctors suffer some of the worst abuse at the hands of their own colleagues. Read more

retirementNurses Are Talking About the Real Reasons They Postpone Retirement:

Why Aren’t Nurses Retiring? A recent study reviewed on Medscape in the article “Why Aren’t Nurses Retiring?” documented a trend for nurses to prolong their careers compared with nurses whose careers spanned the later decades of the 20th century. The investigators speculated that this might largely be a consequence of nurses loving their jobs, and being reluctant to surrender the feeling of camaraderie, teamwork, and job satisfaction attached to being a nurse. Commenters to Medscape, however, in the main painted a very different picture about why nurses are deferring retirement. Read more


Nurses, EHRs, and care coordinationNurses Split on EHRs as Benefit for Care Coordination, Safety:

EHRs are an important and effective tool to improve care coordination and reduce adverse patient safety events, say more than 70 percent of nurses in a new HIMSS Analytics nursing survey, yet the remaining 30 percent of participants wonder if returning to paper-based workflows isn’t a better option.  Frustrated with poor usability, cumbersome communication, and a chronic lack of health data interoperability, nurses are looking for the same improvements in EHR technology as all other members of the care team, but often can’t find them. Read more


Nurses cut stress 40 percent with relaxation steps at workNurses cut stress 40 percent with relaxation steps at work:

Members of a surgical intensive care unit at the large academic medical center were randomized to a -reduction or a control group. The 8-week group mindfulness-based intervention included mindfulness, gentle stretching, yoga, meditation and music conducted in the workplace.