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ivtherapyHow a patient persepective improved IV therapy:

An expert cystic fibrosis patient questioned the timing of his drug administration, which led him to propose a new, more effective schedule for the entire ward. Read more


highriskPreventing high-alert medication errors in hospital patients:

Mistakes involving medications are among the most common healthcare errors. Medication errors lengthen hospital stays, increase inpatient expenses, and lead to more than 7,000 deaths annually in the United States. Each error costs an estimated $2,000 to $8,750. An error can happen in the home or a healthcare facility; this article focuses on errors in hospitals. Read more

ivtherapyEHR smart pump integration: diminishing user error but raising specter of cyber security concerns:

Best known for his roles in movies like Footloose and The Rookie, Dennis Quaid took the stage at the 2009 HIMSS annual meeting to play an altogether different kind of role: advocate for hospital patient safety. Two years earlier, when Quaid’s twin daughters were only ten days old, they were accidentally given one thousand times the prescribed amount of heparin, a blood thinning medication administered through an infusion pump. Read more



New FDA-Cleared Device Significantly Advances IV Therapy SafetyNew FDA-Cleared Device Significantly Advances IV Therapy Safety:

While many patients fear needles — especially IVs — a new FDA-cleared device is making for a safer experience.Read more