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Sepsis bacteriaScientists find genetic signature enabling early, accurate sepsis diagnosis:

Systemic inflammation after injuries or surgery can dramatically alter the activity of thousands of genes, but a new study shows that changes in just 11 of them are enough to detect the presence or absence of accompanying infection. Read more

kidneyKidney failure impacts survival of sepsis patients:

Researchers at Duke Medicine have determined that kidney function plays a critical role in the fate of patients being treated for sepsis, a potentially life-threatening complication of an infection. Read more

Clinical Decision Support May Help Reduce Sepsis Mortality:

Implementation of a cloud-based alerting system and change management were associated with a 53% drop in sepsis mortality in a single-site study. Read more


hotspots_mapResearchers map out “sepsis hotspots” to better understand hospital acquired infections:

There’s nothing quite like a map to give you a better sense of proportion and to help understand the scope of a disease. That’s the approach one group of researchers has taken to study infections with a focus on severe sepsis, which can be especially problematic in hospitals. Now, a group of researchers from University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine have mapped out sepsis infection-related deaths across the US and have identified hotspots of this deadly infection and many others. Read more


sepsisLittle Known Disease Accounts for 4 in 10 Hospital Deaths:

There’s a disease you’ve likely never heard of that kills more people every year than breast or prostate cancer. In fact, it accounts for 4 in 10 hospital deaths, but less than half of people in the United States have ever heard of it. Read more