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Cancer cellsImmunotherapy heralds ‘new era’ for cancer treatment:

A whole new era” for cancer treatment is upon us, according to experts. Two new studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine provide further evidence that immunotherapy – the use of drugs to stimulate immune response – is highly effective against the disease. Read more


Doctors Seek Test for Deploying New Life-Extending Cancer Drugs:

New drugs that boost the immune system’s ability to fight tumors may be one of the greatest medical advances in years, cancer doctors say, pulling some patients from death’s door and keeping them in remission for years. Read more


Gentler cancer treatments help kids survive, thrive:

The move to make cancer treatments gentler for children has paid a double dividend: More kids are surviving than ever before, and without the long-term complications that doomed many of their peers a generation ago, new research shows. Read more


ASCO Immunotherapy Preview: These Cancer-Killing Viruses May Save Lives:

Virus-based cancer treatments, sometimes referred to as “virotherapy,” constitute a fast-growing niche within immunotherapy, and one that is generating a tremendous amount of excitement in the oncology world this year. The idea has actually been around since the late 1800s, when physicians first realized that some viruses have a natural ability to kill cancer cells. Read more



A new way to study cancer and its treatments:

The National Cancer Institute announced Monday the launch of a nationwide research study that will sort patients into treatment groups based on genetic mutations in their tumors, rather than by cancer type. Read more