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infusiontherapyStudy: Intravenous nutrition source may significantly reduce toxicity of platinum-based cancer drugs:

A single dose of an FDA-approved intravenous nutrition source may be able to significantly reduce the toxicity and increase the bioavailability of platinum-based cancer drugs, according to a study by Carnegie Mellon University biologists published in Scientific ReportsRead more


Expanding Intravascular Catheter Surveillance: Issues and Obstacles:

Therapies administered via vascular access catheters are a mainstay of both acute and chronic medical treatment. In fact when all types of vascular catheters are combined, the category may well represent the largest type of invasive device used in healthcare. However their ubiquitous presence, ironically, makes it very difficult to measure with any degree of statistical precision their associated device utilization rates. The use of peripheral catheters (PIVs), for example, is so widespread in the United States that their use is obscured  among other procedure codes, rather being coded separately,  and recorded uniquely only in individual patient records. Read more

grapheneImproving the delivery of chemotherapy with graphene:

The research suggests that placing graphene — an extremely thin sheet of carbon atoms — on the internal surfaces of intravenous catheters commonly used to deliver chemotherapy drugs into a patient’s body will improve the efficacy of treatments, and reduce the potential of the catheters breaking. Read more