Top News: #BreastCancer

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DDT in Pregnancy May Raise Breast Cancer Rates in Daughters:

Women whose mothers had higher levels of DDT in their blood while pregnant were nearly four times more likely to develop breast cancer as adults, a new study finds. Read more


breastcancersurgeryWhen the Pain Persists after Breast Cancer Surgery:

I could hear the anxiety in my sister’s voice. A week after her double mastectomy and breast reconstruction for breast cancer, she had developed a burning sensation under her right arm where her surgeon had removed several dozen lymph nodes for a postoperative biopsy. The throbbing and itching were so intense it felt “like poison ivy lit by a blowtorch.”

More women with breast cancer choose lumpectomy:

The percentage of women with early stage breast cancer who choose to have the breast-conserving surgery known as lumpectomy has risen slowly in recent years, new research shows. Read more

Obesity.JPGWeight tied to breast cancer risk in older women:

Overweight and obese women are at increased risk of developing breast cancer after menopause, compared to normal-weight women, a large new analysis finds. Read more


malebcMale breast cancer added to list of obesity-associated cancers:

Research from the University of Leeds adds an increase in cases of male breast cancer to the growing list of cancers associated with rising obesity rates. Read more