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Maria Fabrizio for NPRTo Ease Pain, Reach For Your Playlist:

We all know that listening to music can soothe emotional pain, but Taylor Swift, Jay-Z and Alicia Keys can also ease physical pain, according to a study of children and teenagers who had major surgery. Read more


Gardasil 9 Effectively Stops 90% Of Cancers Caused By HPV In Girls and Boys:

The newest HPV vaccine safely and effectively prevents at least four different kinds of cancer in the population recommended to receive it, according to a study in Pediatrics today. Gardasil 9, manufactured by Merck, protects against nine strains of the human papillomavirus, an infection transmitted through direct or indirect contact with the genitals of an infected person. Read more


New Migraine Drugs Would Stop the Pain Before It Starts:

Any migraine sufferer dreads the onset of another bout — the intense pain, nausea, vertigo and other symptoms that can knock you out of action for days. Now doctors are encouraged by a new class of drugs that can prevent a migraine from even starting. They are the first drugs specifically designed to prevent migraines, and tests show they can help a significant number of sufferers. Read more


Lipid in avocados may be key to leukemia:

A molecule derived from avocados, avocatin B, may prove to be a powerful weapon against leukemia because it targets the disease while leaving other cells alone, a new study shows. Read more


Cutting back on your portions is one easy way to drop excess pounds. Click through our gallery to see other quick tips.You are when you eat:

We have all heard the age-old weight loss advice to eat less and exercise more. But a number of recent studies suggest that the key to dieting success is not just in how many calories you eat, or don’t, but in when you eat them. Read more