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-a030-cancer_disparities_detail-0_07-30-2009_4Q130HBK.jpg_20090730.jpgHealth workers need protection from chemo medication:

Every day, hundreds of nurses and other healthcare workers across Michigan treat patients with life-threatening illnesses, including cancer. This important work often involves preparing and giving chemotherapy drugs, which help control cancer but are quite hazardous for healthy people to handle. Read more



Device helps doctors personalize chemotherapy for patients:

GAINESVILLE, Fla., July 2 (UPI) — A new microarray can test combinations of chemotherapy drugs on a small number of cancer stem cells, allowing doctors to tailor treatment for individual patients faster than such testing generally takes. Read more


Congressional Bills Would Mandate Equal Coverage for Oral, IV Cancer Therapy:

A bipartisan group of House and Senate legislators introduced bills last week that would require health plans to cover the growing number of oral chemotherapy pills as favorably as they do intravenous chemotherapy. But an insurance trade group says that as long as drugmakers continue to increase the prices of the oral drugs, parity legislation amounts to a “shell game” that will push up everyone’s premiums. Read more

$$   ACA0929test  SaponeOverweight ovarian cancer patients may be getting shortchanged, Rutgers study says:

Overweight women being treated for ovarian cancer might not be getting enough chemotherapy, diminishing their chances of survival, according to a just released Rutgers study. Read more