Top News: #Stroke

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A woman with chest painLife expectancy reduced by stroke, diabetes and heart attack combo:

Having a history of diabetes, stroke or heart attack can lower life expectancy significantly, according to new research, while a combination of two or more of these conditions – defined as cardiometabolic multimorbidity – can reduce it even further. Read more


Stroke Rounds: Even Small Brain Lesions May Signal Risk:

Even very small cerebrovascular lesions on MRI may tell of a higher risk of stroke and death, researchers found. Read more


Where you live may determine if you survive a stroke:

Americans’ odds of receiving a drug that can halt strokes in progress may vary widely depending on their ZIP codes, a new study finds. Read more


CT image of ischemic stroke.Stroke may accelerate long-term cognitive decline:

Stroke is associated with cognitive decline in the weeks immediately following the event, but a new study shows that the impact of stroke could be more far-reaching than this. Researchers have found that many patients experience accelerated and persistent cognitive decline over the 6 years following a stroke. Read more

covidien_brain_strokes_ap660.jpgA first: New guidelines back device for treating strokes:

Many stroke patients have a new treatment option– if they seek help fast enough to get it. New guidelines endorse using a removable stent to open clogged arteries causing a stroke. Read more