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stressednurseIt can make nurses sick – Aiming to prevent incivility, bullying, violence:

During her career as a nurse working both in multigenerational and pediatric emergency departments, Deena Brecher has been on the receiving end of some frightening and violent behavior. She can recall taking care of an intoxicated adolescent who was spitting and kicking at her and another nurse. In short order, Brecher was hit, and the other nurse suffered a neck injury when the patient ripped off her necklace. In another incident, Brecher was threatened with a knife while working triage. Read more


When a nurse is as good as a doctor:

Advanced practice practitioners can make up the shortfall. But can they give you the care you need? And how does the care compare with what you’d get from a doctor? Read more



ER nurses often suffer from ‘death anxiety’:

The day-to-day exposure to life-and-death situations takes its toll on emergency room nurses, who often experience “death anxiety,” a state which makes them more conscious of their own mortality and creates a high level of stress and unease. A new article in the journal Emergency Nurse calls for hospitals leaders to recognize the signs and symptoms of the condition and put interventions in place to help improve the mental health of their staff.

Widespread Understaffing of Nurses Increases Risk to Patients:

Over her 34-year nursing career Martha Kuhl, a pediatric oncology nurse at U.C.S.F. Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland in California, has seen her patient load more than double. She recalls one night shift when she was the lone nurse on duty with five patients. “These are all babies that can’t breathe,” she says. “I felt okay at four” but that last patient “sort of tipped it over the edge where I felt unsafe in being able to handle all of these patients.” Read more


Management_02Med/surg nurses use informatics to save time, enhance patient safety:

Informatics programs that allow med/surg nurses to cut down on documentation and increase patient safety at the touch of a button are becoming more essential in today’s fast-paced healthcare environment. Read more