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Photo by Alex LauWhen It Comes to Hospital Shootings, Emergency Color Codes Don’t Work:

It is hard to think that anything went right at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) on themorning of January 20, when Stephen Pasceri murdered cardiac surgeon Michael Davidson and then turned the gun on himself. Yet in the midst of the chaos, a lot of things did go right: Police were on the scene within seconds; all 5 million square feet of the hospital were cleared within 16 minutes; and the violence did not spill beyond the exam room. Read more


Hipaa’s Use as Code of Silence Often Misinterprets the Law:

How do people use, misuse or abuse Hipaa, the federal regulations protecting patients’ confidential health information? Let us count the ways: Read more


Pregnant Women Get More Ultrasounds, Without Clear Medical Need:

During her pregnancy, Milena Mrosovsky estimates she underwent a dozen fetal ultrasounds. “I was just happy to get my pictures,” she says of the scan images, “and keep them in my little album.” Read more

(Illustration by Michael Hirshon)Do Cell Phones Belong In The Operating Room?

Next time you’re on the operating table and you have one last look around as the anesthesiologist approaches, don’t be too sure that that person in scrubs looking at a smartphone is pulling up vital health data. He or she might be texting a friend, or ordering a new carpet. Read more

Surgery.‘Surgeon scorecard’ measures docs by complications:

Surgeons around the country are now scored against their peers in a new statistic developed by a non-profit news organization that goes beyond hospital-level data, providing a never-before-available tool for consumers and generating debate and some angst in the surgical community. Read more