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New Alzheimer’s Drugs Offer ‘Exciting Possibilities’:

A batch of new drugs that aim to clear the gunk out of the brains of Alzheimer’s patients are providing the best hope yet that it might be possible to slow the disease. Read more


Researchers Looking for Ways to Predict Alzheimer’s Before It Starts:

Researchers are working on new tests to help predict Alzheimer’s disease years before people ever get symptoms, both to help them plan for the inevitable but also in the hope that experimental treatments might work better the earlier they are used. Read more


Better Sleep May Be Incrediably Important to Alzheimer’s RiskBetter Sleep May Be Incrediably Important to Alzheimer’s Risk:

To sleep, perchance to… ward off Alzheimer’s? New research suggests poor sleep may increase people’s risk of Alzheimer’s disease, by spurring a brain-clogging gunk that in turn further interrupts shut-eye. Read more


In this colorized image of a brain cell from a person with Alzheimer's, the red tangle in the yellow cell body is a toxic tangle of misfolded "tau" proteins, adjacent to the cell's green nucleus.Alzheimer’s Drugs In The Works Might Treat Other Diseases, Too:

Efforts to find a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease have been disappointing so far. But there’s a new generation of drugs in the works that researchers think might help not only Alzheimer’s patients, but also people with Parkinson’s disease and other brain disorders. Read more


Mother and daughtersWomen Descend Into Alzheimer’s at Twice the Speed of Men: Study:

TUESDAY, July 21, 2015 (HealthDay News) — Women with mild thinking and memory problems — known as mild cognitive impairment — deteriorate twice as fast mentally as men with the same condition, according to new research. Read more