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Could one-two punch of generics for breast cancer be more powerful than wonder drug tamoxifen?:

First marketed in the 1960s as a fertility drug, tamoxifen has been hailed as a miracle drug for its ability to prevent and treat breast cancer, and despite decades of research scientists have not been able to find anything comparable — until now. Read more


Lesser-known signs of breast cancer women should watch out for:

While feeling a lump or mass on the breast is a sure sign you should go see a doctor, it is not the only way breast cancer can present itself. Read more

Lymph Node Radiation May Halt Breast Cancer RecurrencesLymph Node Radiation May Halt Breast Cancer Recurrences:

Two new studies show promising results for the use of radiation therapy to prevent breast cancer from coming back. Read more


She Wanted Her Cancer Cells to Be Immortal; What Happened?:

One year ago, Loyola University in Chicago announced the initiation of a project to “immortalize” the tumor cells of a woman with an especially aggressive breast cancer. Read more



Breast Cancer Survivors Gain More Weight, Study Finds:

Survivors of breast cancer with a family history of the disease gain more weight than similar women without cancer, a new study finds. What’s more—there seems to be an association between weight gain and treatment. Read more